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I'm not as young as I look. But the cheesy breath of senility isn't hanging around me either. After college I sampled a few careers: newspaper reporter, fifth grade teacher, P.R. man and advertising copywriter for a major N.Y. agency. For the past 34 years I've been a trial lawyer handling criminal and matrimonial cases and I can tell you, there is little difference between the two. Generally speaking, my criminal clients weren't as crazy as some of my divorce clients. But my divorce clients were never the gifted liars my alleged criminals were. There was one big difference between them, though. Criminal clients could be unusually calm when the stakes were very high. They just wanted me to do whatever I could to dispose of the messes they were in. People getting divorced see themselves as literally having their lives on the line. Overloaded with adrenalin, anger and anxiety, they wanted me to get everything for them. This is intended to be a short bio, just enough to let you know that I've been around, seen and heard things most people don't and maybe I'll have some opinions and insights to entertain and even inform you with. Buford, my trusty bloodhound, has been one of the great loves of my life. But he tends, when he's not thinking of food, to sleep on the job too much.